What it Was

For most of its life it was, to use a modern description, a "multi-use" building with a housing and offices upstairs, and retail and recreational space downstairs. It was then what many loftdwellers and professionals crave now--a handsome historic building on a prominent, convenient location . . . in a beautiful community with a warm embrace.

What it Is

It is unspoiled, intact, and more handsome and historic than ever. Having outlived its three beautiful neighbors at Broadway and Monroe, the Shay Building alone still holds court at the corner that was original hub of commercial activity in Rice County. With a dynamic new ownership group and its recent official listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the Shay Building is an opportunity. Contact us to hear about the benefits of investment.

What it Will Be

The Shay Building has always been, and is destined still to be, a place for people to gather and connect. It will be a public house for travelers and others in our region to enjoy . . . an "inn", a "tavern," a place worthy of Sterling. It will be a place where divisions and differences fade behind a display of our community's strengths and common interests (our music, our means of expression, our "big games"). Be a part of it! Register today to receive project updates.

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